Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kohl's Scam Continued

After talking with many of you yesterday about the Kohl's scam, I decided to send this email to the seller. People like this are what gives eBay a bad name. Most of us do a legitimate business selling a legitimate product or service. I hate to see people manipulate eBay and make it something sleazy - it just harms eBay's reputation and in turn, our reputations by being affiliated with eBay.

Dear Seller,

I am very disappointed and disturbed by this transaction. First of all, you didn't send coupons, but download links that I had to print. eBay policy states that all coupons sold through eBay must be physically delivered to the buyer, and may not be delivered by electronic means for home printing. No where in your listing did it state that I had to waste my ink and paper to print something. Third, the coupons clearly say 1 per household. Your listing was not only deceptive, but you are clearly violating eBay policy selling these Kohl's so called coupons.

She replied with, "There was nothing "deceptive" about this auction. This is not a "scam or fraud." If this was a scam do you really think I would have had 100% positive feedback."

So I replied with,

1) Your listing is deceptive. You are selling something that ANYONE can get for free on the internet. You are opening numerous free email accounts, signing up for printable coupons numerous times that are only meant to be used by one person one time, and then selling them for profit to unsuspecting buyers who think they are receiving a promotional coupon obtained in an honest way. Furthermore, according to the listing, the buyer will receive COUPONS, not download links. Digital items, including links such as the Kohl's coupons, may only be sold through eBay Classified Ads, and the seller must be legally authorized to sell the item. You can read eBay's policy on selling digital items by clicking here.

2) Your listings for Kohl's coupons violates eBay's coupon policy which states, "All coupons sold through eBay must be physically delivered to the buyer, and may not be delivered by electronic means for home printing." You can read this for yourself by clicking here. Perhaps in your 36 days of being an eBay seller, you haven't taken the time to read what is permitted and what is not. The first rule of eBay selling: Just because another seller is doing it does not mean it is permitted.

3) I buy grocery coupons on eBay all the time. This is the first time I have encountered something so underhanded and deceptive. This is not about a buyer reading a listing; this is about a seller offering full disclosure to her buyers. You are deceiving buyers by offering something that you obtained under false pretenses.

4) If what you are doing is "right," eBay legal, and you are comfortable doing it because other sellers are, I'm sure you won't mind that I have forwarded this information to both Kohl's and eBay.

Guess what? She doesn't have 100% feedback anymore.
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