Saturday, April 5, 2008

Children's Book to Sell on eBay - Christian Mother Goose

eBay Coach Disclaimer: This is not a collectible book that you will make hundreds of dollars selling on eBay. But, I have found this item consistently in thrift stores for around $1, and it sells consistently for $12.50. (Click here to view my latest sale of this book.) The publish date is 1978 and it is just a good, wholesome story book for children.

Add this item to your "what to look for" list. The good thing about this type of item is that you can take the photos once, create the listing, save it, and just use it over and over again each time you find the item. I used my scanner to scan the pages and the cover.

NOTE: Please do not copy my photos or my text. I've been catching people left and right copying my photos (and entire listings). And I do not hesitate to report these sellers for text or image theft. Maybe I should be so public with giving examples, but I never expected so many people to take advantage of my willingness to help.

eBay offers so many opportunities for you to be creative with photos, auction templates, and text. When I approached another seller this week about copying my listings, she replied with, "You should be flattered." Unfortunately, I don't see it this way - it is insulting. Flattery is complimenting or praising someone for their work. Copying another's work is a sign of sheer laziness. I've done the work, they copy the listing, and they make money. What is wrong with this picture?

If someone is that lazy, that they can't even write up their own listing, I doubt they will be industrious enough to ship items on time or be attentive to their customers, so I probably shouldn't worry about it anyway! Sorry, I digress....

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Happy selling!

Suzanne Wells
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