Monday, October 31, 2011

eBay Sales Tracking Spreadsheet for 2020

Launched in 2011, and still the best option in 2020! This is my 9th year using this tool and I couldn't stay organized without it.

Works with Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets.

My colleague Vickie, an experienced Amazon and eBay seller, and a book keeper as her "real' job, has created exactly what resellers need. An easy, user friendly book keeping spreadsheet to track your eCommerce sales and organize your inventory and expense information.

So, what does it do? Pretty much everything you need if you are selling online.

The workbook is set-up for eBay and Amazon sales yet could be easily adapted for any sales channel. This bookkeeping solution features separate pages for:

- Inventory (FBA & On-Site)
- Monthly Sales Tabs
- Year-End Sales Totals - Both eBay/Amazon Tabs
- Combined Year-End Sales Tab
- Expenses Tab
- Profit Loss Tab
- Sales Goal Tracker
- Mileage Log

Vickie also has included 45 minutes of tutorial videos, so even an Excel novice can use this tool. Here is a short demo video showing how the spreadsheet works, and more importantly, how it looks and how EASY it is to use!

Here are a few testimonials from sellers:

Vickie's tutorials are included when you purchase the product and each step or feature has its own 5 minute video, so if you get lost, you can easily find the instructions you need. Vickie is also just an email away if you need help - and she is responsive and a problem solver.

What's also great about this tool is that you only buy it once - this is not a monthly subscription. Once you have purchased the spreadsheet, you will also receive yearly updates as Vickie continues to fine-tune the product. The price is $29.97 - a huge bargain if you compare this product to other electronic accounting or book keeping systems.

This product comes with at 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy, simply request a refund, no questions asked.


AlejandroHernandez said...

Hi,I'm interested in purchasing the system but I will need some help.
I never used excel before and I was wondering if you can show me how to set-up to calculate ebay/paypal fees automatically for your system? Thank you.

Suzanne A. Wells said...

Hi Alejandro - the spreadsheet comes with some great tutorial videos that show you exactly how to enter the data. Also, the creator, Vickie will answer any questions via email.

Let us know if you need more help.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm currently using Outright for my bookkeeping for eBay sells. I've only been using it since Sept. of this year so I know I'm not quite proficient. My question is do you only use this Excel spreadsheet, Suzanne? Or do you use this in combination with another bookkeeping system? Right now, I mainly want to have everything in one place. I'm currently listing my goods and costs on an Excel sheet, but not entering them into Outright. I really need to have it all integrated somehow. Thanks for any help in this matter!

Suzanne A. Wells said...

Hi Sheila,

I use both this spreadsheet and Outright for 2 reasons:

1. Outright does not know what you paid for inventory so it cannot tell you profit. Only sales and expenses. I also use it to pull my state sales so I can submit sales tax to the state office.

2. I enter information about sold items as I ship them so I can have an up-to-the-moment picture of my profit. That is the most important part of the business - knowing what your PROFIT is.

Kim said...

Hi... I purchased this spreadsheet last year. Are there any updates to it for download since then?

Suzanne A. Wells said...

Hi Kim - no there aren't updates. If you save a blank copy of the spreadsheet you can just do a SAVE AS each year for that particular year. Let me know if you need a blank copy.

Unknown said...

Hello. I have a Mac compter and do not currently have Excel. I'm assuming that I have to purchase Excel first in order to use your spreadsheet, correct? Thanks!