Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Get a FREE Michael Kors Leather Handbag

Did that title get your attention? Good.

And it is possible to get a free Michael Kors handbag, with a little ingenuity and finagling.

I received this email from a reader, who wished to remain anonymous:

"Hey Suzanne,

I wanted to thank you for your course on Virtual Picking. I used one of your strategies to get a Michael Kors handbag (for myself!) practically free. Here is what I did.

I saw the handbag on Poshmark and put in an offer of $35.  It was listed for $45 plus $5 shipping. My offer was accepted. Here is a screen shot of the purchase:

I didn't want the fob that came with the bag, so I wondered if I could sell just the fob. I went on eBay and yes, sure enough, Michael Kors logo fobs sell for around $35! Here is a screen shot of the exact fob that sold for $34.99:

When my fob sells, the funds will pretty much cover the cost of the handbag! I had just finished watching your course and that is what gave me the idea to sell the fob to pay for the purse. This is awesome. And we don't have to tell my husband any of this..."

That is fantastic! Isn't it great how things just work out sometimes? Those accessories can go for crazy prices. This is a new one to me - I wouldn't have even thought of taking the fob off the purse and selling it separately. 

In other news, by now you have seen the viral video of the Laughing Chewbacca Mom, who broke the record for the most views on a Facebook livestream video with over 136 million views. Quick thinking eBay sellers cashed in - see how much some of the Chewbacca masks sold for on eBay. Goes to show that paying attention to social media can definitely help you make money.

Make sure you are visiting my YouTube channel often. I've got new playlists going and lots of great info on what to sell, how to increase sales, and answering your FAQs.

Have a great week on eBay!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How I Increased my Slow eBay Sales in 30 Days

Everyone has slow eBay sales from time to time. As an experienced eBay seller since 2003, I am always testing and experimenting with ways to increase sales. For since April 2016, I've been testing out a FREE tool that claims to increase search placement on Google - and I have been seeing good results.

Read my previous post here about what this service is and what it does. In a nutshell, sellers sign up on the site (it's FREE), link to their eBay store or account (no store needed), and place a badge on eBay listings in the description area using a snippet of code. Very, very easy to do, and you can even pick your color - see the example of mine above.

My sales are consistently increasing month over month. Summer is supposed to be the slowest time of the year but I have actually seen about a 10% increase in sales each month since I began using this tool. Not huge by any means, but I am looking at the overall trend month over month, and the results are positive. Other sellers have seen success, too - here are some of their comments:

Read all comments here.

Can I prove that it helped my sales? Of course not, there are too many variables. But, this is a free tool, there are no drawbacks to using it, and if there is a possibility it will increase eBay sales, I am game to use it.

Once you get started, be sure to add friends. My Real Karma is like a mini social website. The more friends you have, the more profiles you will show up on - so you are increasing your online presence exponentially by adding friends. The developers claim that each friend increases your online presence by 14%. We have a thread going on my Facebook where you can add friends - over 300 of them. Just go down the list here and add everyone!

Use the eBay Bulk Editor to add the badge to all your listings at once. Here is a video tutorial about how to use the eBay Bulk Editor if you aren't familiar with how it works.

If you have any trouble adding the code, don't hesitate to contact me at suzanne @ SuzanneAWells.com - I will be glad to help you get started.

I'm always here for you, and always trying to help you be more successful!