Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving: Count Your Blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a wonderful day with their families or doing whatever you choose to do. Remember there is always, always, always, something to be thankful for! I want to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am for all of my readers and for you taking the time to come to my blog and spend a few  minutes here each week. In a world of high-tech, it is nice to know some people still take time to read. I know the internet is a big place, you have lots of choices, and I feel honored that you stop by and read what I write about here. So thank you!

I am also thankful for my family, friends, and colleagues who are always there to support me. I know I bounce a lot of ideas off you folks and I appreciate those of you who take the time to give me your honest input about my latest crazy idea.

If you are in a tough spot in your life, and I have been there on Thanksgiving Day over the years, try to focus on what you can be grateful for. I am so grateful for my good health. This year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and it was so bad I was put on insulin injections immediately. I've been working hard to get my numbers right and get off the insulin. It has been a tough journey but I'm so grateful for good doctors and the medical technology we have access to. Just another twist in the road.

I'm so very thankful for my 2 great kids. These two kids were 6 and 8 when I started my eBay journey back in 2003, and have been the inspiration for  many blog posts and videos along the way. Melanie is 22 now and is about to move into her own place. This young lady is such a hard worker and was able to get into an apartment 100% on her own - no parent to co-sign with her. I am so proud of the beautiful ,smart, independent young woman she has become!

And my son Mitchell is a junior in college and is working as a cook to help pay his tuition. I couldn't ask for a better son. (Plus he's pretty darn handsome, too.)


Maybe some of you followed my journey last year moving to, and running my eBay business out of an apartment. Well, I've moved again, this time to a nice little cabin in the woods. It's the perfect place to work on my writing and to have my eBay business. Here are some photos:

 Nestled in the trees at the end of the street.

Nice front porch...

Complete with rocking chairs 
($10 each at a garage sale, the sun on the wall was $3 at GW)

Huge wooded lot

More trees

And more trees....

Patio in the back

Cozy fire pit area in back

Looks better at night 

Cozy inside, too (the rug was $25 on a FB group!)

What can I say, I like fires! 

The older you get, the more you realize what is really important.  So this year I am also very thankful for the place I get to live. It is small and cozy and manageable and perfect. And the very best part of where I live now is the person who is here with me - my fiance! Yes, I am engaged! 

More to come on that later, but this fine man and we have been friends for almost 20 years and it just recently became more than friendship. He is a kind, respectful, smart guy with the best sense of humor. We just laugh all the time. We have a wonderful time together and he loves going treasure hunting with me on the weekends. He even says stuff like, "Oh don't worry about the dishes, I'll get them. I know you have work to do." His momma raised him right! He actually works in the retail industry so it's great to be able to pick his brain about things related to the eBay market.

Some days I wonder what I did to deserve so many blessings in my life. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and take some time away from your work to enjoy your family and friends.

Love and appreciate you all,


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