Monday, April 4, 2016

Increase eBay Sales with MyRealKarma

Hi fellow eBay sellers! I wanted to let you know about a cool new FREE tool you can add to your eBay listings that can help traffic and search placement. I normally don't use any third party tools (since I have been doing eBay since the Dark Ages and never really needed them), but I'm giving MyRealKarma a try. This plug-in was designed to help eBay listings rank higher in Google search, and we all can use that, right?

I had a chat with Alex Nitikin, the creator of MyRealKarma to find out more about his free product to see how we as eBay sellers can benefit from it. Here is the interview:

1.  Where did you get the idea for MyRealKarma?

I have several friends who sell on eBay and want to move to a different platform but they all say that they’d have to earn the customer reviews from scratch and lose sales in the process. After, unsuccessfully trying to find a good solution we decided to build our own.

2. How does MyRealKarma increase sales for eBay sellers?

There are two ways:

MyRealKarma drives targeted, high value, traffic to their eBay store, builds online presence and, if they have multiple stores, cross promotes them, all for free.

Online Sellers can participate in the MRK Marketplace that will help them streamline their inventory buying or selling and save a lot of time and money.

3. You mention better indexing in Google Searches. How does that work exactly?

Great question! When you sign up, MyRealKarma creates a Seller Profile. You then link your online stores, add Tags (keywords), social media profiles, your picture or logo, invite friendly sellers. Your Seller Profile is a full-blown Search Engine Indexable web page that shows up in all Search Results.

Here is my seller profile (gimme a break here, this is new!)

4. Why should eBay sellers worry about Google - doesn't eBay take care of that for us?

Google has 100 million times more daily traffic than eBay. The problem is, virtually no eBay, Amazon or Etsy Sellers ever show up in Google search. It’s like being a fish in a small pond and not taking advantage of an ocean, full of buyers, right next door.  

4. How is using MyRealKarma better or different than referring to eBay feedback?

When a buyer sees your Seller Profile, that contains all of your information, he or she is able to develop a personal connection having seen your picture and social media and is 86% more likely to purchase. It means that even with very few customer reviews you can be extremely trustworthy. MyRealKarma is your customer feedback on steroids.

5. How much does it cost to use MyRealKarma?

It is absolutely Free! I also have a Bonus for our users. All of our users will get an exclusive early access to a Wholesale Marketplace.

6. There is an MRK Badge to add to eBay listings. Is there a way to add the badge using bulk edit? Or must it be done on each individual listing? 

Adding an MRK Badge is one of the ways to show your Seller Profile to the buyers. We don’t allow bulk actions with MRK Badge because our users prefer doing it during the listing of an Item. However If, in the future, our users say they want bulk edit we’ll bring it. We listen to our users all the time and only build what they need.

Here is the badge on my listings.

7. How many sellers are currently using MyRealKarma?

We have more than 12,000 active users from not only eBay but also all the major eCommerce Platforms. We are also in the process of integration with several hot new upcoming Marketplaces.

8. Can you explain how suppliers are involved with MyRealKarma?

This is all about the Marketplace. To really make money you must cut cost of goods purchased. To do it, you need to buy large quantity and make sure there is no dead inventory sitting around. Everyone knows, some items sell better on eBay, others on different platforms. You can leverage the MRK Marketplace to not only sell excessive or unneeded inventory but also to buy the inventory from others, including large Suppliers. Since all the participants are verified online sellers the transactions are fast, safe and easy. Right now, we are negotiating with several large suppliers to bring more product offerings and even offer net terms.

9. Where can sellers find out more or chat with a representative about this service?

Please go to myrealkarma.comand click to sign up. There you can also watch our short video.

I have signed up for MyRealKarma and am adding it to a few listings a day. I like the badge that appears on the eBay listing- it is professional looking, clean, and attractive. And you can pick your color! Some of those eBay plug-ins can be really clunky looking but this one looks great.

When you give MyRealKarma a try, please connect with me here.  

Thanks Alex for taking the time to introduce us to your new product. I'm looking forward to using it!

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